How Long Will Your Home Improvement Projects Take?


Committing to a home improvement project can be stressful and intimidating. One of the questions that homebuyers may find themselves asking is, “exactly how long will this take?” To get an idea of how long you’ll be in renovation-mode, use these guidelines:

Bathroom Renovations

To renovate your bathroom, you should plan on updating the faucets and showerheads, installing a beautiful tile around the bathtub, upgrading the toilet to a greener, low flow model and adding in new countertops if yours are in need of an update. On average, this should take about three weeks from start to finish, mainly because a lot of the projects are quick. For example, switching out the fixtures and the toilet does not take long for a professional, so the majority of the work can be completed in just a few days. But, these three weeks will probably crawl by since your normal routine of brushing your teeth and getting ready for work in the morning will be completely disrupted by repair men and construction zones.

Kitchen Renovations

First, it’s important to determine whether you are simply making upgrades or doing a complete renovation in your kitchen. If you plan on only doing upgrades, meaning you are buying new appliances or replacing hardware, you can get this done in just one to two weeks.

However, a complete kitchen renovation will take much longer. Complete renovations can include adding in an island countertop, replacing countertops, changing the flooring material and adding new light fixtures. You can expect this type of renovation to last as long as three months. Be prepared to buy a lot of takeout food since your kitchen will be off limits for so long.

Roof Replacement

Luckily, replacing your roof doesn’t necessarily disrupt your life in any way unless you’re bothered by the idea of workers crawling on your roof as they install shingles. This improvement project doesn’t take that long compared to others as it can usually be done in about a week. But, it’s not all good news when it comes to roof replacements. This is a rather pricey project, so even though it doesn’t inconvenience you or take that long to complete, you should still expect to spend a pretty penny to get it done.

Refinishing Hardwood

Sanding, staining and sealing hardwood floors protects them from harm and is a wise project for homeowners to tackle. Of course, the time that it takes to complete this project will depend on how many rooms in your home have hardwood floors. But, even if your house is covered in wood, you can probably get it done within two weeks. This project is a pain for homeowners because it involves moving the furniture out of the way and then breathing in the fumes of wood sealant for a few days after everything else is complete.

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