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Good Friday Garden or Good Old Fashioned Nonsense

With Spring on the way, we get lots of calls from local homeowners who are itching to get their hands in the dirt and start their gardens.  They want our help fencing off the plot of land they have marked off.  Fencing is a way to protect your garden from deer, rabbits and other critters who will find those young tender shoots as tasty as you do, and don’t mind helping themselves to meal.  We will no doubt hear from those who believe the old adages about planting on the light or dark of the moon, or putting in gardens on Good Friday.  While the old timers swear by putting certain vegetables in at certain times, it’s generally agreed that Good Friday planting works best for potatoes.  Other garden crops would be too vulnerable to unexpected frost.

Whether you stick to the plant potatoes in the dark of the moon, light of the moon or the cusp of the Dog Star, you’re going to need the proper equipment to get the most out of your garden, and for that you can turn to Groupon for deals on Tractor Supply Co goods.  Tractor Supply has been outfitting American family farmers since the company was founded as a mail order house in 1938.  True to its roots, they offer thousands of items online that you can order and have shipped to your destination, but the difference is that today, you can place your order using the convenience of an online Groupon obtained on your smart phone or other mobile device.

They offer products for home improvement, agriculture lawn and garden care as well as livestock, equine and pet care.  The also offer a popular brand of work apparel for men and women.  With Easter on the horizon, you can order chicks from Tractor Supply and have them arrive in time to delight your tiniest toddler.  The items they sell run the gamut from animal feed, riding mowers, welders, generators, fencing, gun safes, generators, and of course tractors.  You can save on hundreds of items and take additional dollars off livestock, pet and farm animal purchases when you use the proper Groupon code.  We may not agree on when to plant gardens, but one thing’s for sure, Tractor Supply should be your go-to for all your gardening needs and using a Groupon is really smart.

Give ‘Em the Cold Shoulder on Valentine’s Day

One of the hottest looks in women’s fashion is the one shoulder look.   It was the darling of the runways during fashion week in New York last year, and shows no sign of letting up.  Open any magazine that features celebrities and you’ll see the one shoulder, also called “off the shoulder” or “cold shoulder”  interpreted in many creative, and sexy ways.

The one shoulder design is a perpetual favorite of many brides for their special day, and you often see bridesmaids dressed alluringly in off the shoulder look as well.  The asymmetrical design has been around for decades as it offers a soft silhouette that’s appropriate for all ages and body shapes.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you’re in the market for a new look for that special someone, you’d do well to incorporate a sexy off the shoulder item into your plans.  Most women prefer jeans and sneaks, so to spring a daring new look on your lover can really be fun.

You can find the look in dresses, tops, and sweaters that are worn all year round.  The style is sure to be a winner for Valentine’s Day.  And if you’re shopping for the sexy one shoulder look, Groupon has some great deals you can use to save money at Sak Fifth Avenue online.  You can save as much 60% off designer dresses just in time to buy a new outfit for the romantic evening ahead, and they have great deals on sexy lingerie for later.  But your choices in apparel are not limited as you can apply a Groupon site wide.  Using a Groupon is easy and discreet.

If your Honey needs a hint in order to really please you, let it be known that a bottle of perfume from one of the world’s premier retailers is available, and bookmark the Groupon page so it can’t be missed.  Then suggest the application of a Groupon coupon to a bottle of Viktor & Rolf, or something for the bath by Acqua di Palma.

Groupon might not be the first place you’d think of for finding high fashion at lower prices, but once you get it, you’re hooked.  So, this Valentine’s Day, give ‘em the cold shoulder, and heat up the night!