a new hope


Everywhere I go, Delaware people are telling me that they are tired of the grid-lock in Washington; they are tired of nothing being done to renew hope and growth in our economy; and they are looking for a new attitude from elected officials to work in cooperation with people and not pander to the moneyed interests.

The old political parties appear to be too enmeshed in their game of one upmanship and competition for dominance; completely forgetting the reason they were elected and what this country needs right now.

As an independent candidate, I do not take direction from a national political organization. I do not receive PAC money or Super PAC exposure. The only people that I am accountable to are the people of Delaware. I represent people, small and local businesses, professionals, students and families. The real people who make Delaware a great place to live and raise a family. The real people who start a small business and create jobs and opportunity. The real people who need real representation in Washington to protect them from an increasingly tyrannical government.

Join me and others who feel it is time for real people to stand up and be counted. Tell the life-time-never-had-a-real-job professional politicians that their time is over. Tell the moneyed interests and lobbyists to go home and get a real job; their money won’t be accepted in my office.  Be the strong independent American you know yourself to be.

Join us, vote independent, vote to send a strong representative with a strong message to Washington. Vote for Andrew Groff for US Senate.


a different politic


This will be a new experience for you. You haven’t seen anything like this before. That’s the point. Things can’t remain the same. The people of the United States are ten steps ahead of their politicians. The government has betrayed our trust.

We need a healthy dose of reality. The people who have desired our vote have proven that they are only in office to get rich, stay in office, so they can get richer. Take money from huge corporations, lobbyists and international conglomerates so they can become richer still…no more.

You won’t see the use of red or blue; unless they happen to show up somewhere naturally. You won’t see big splotches of color, unless it’s a close-up of a flower, rock or something…real.

I won’t pay $10,000 to become a candidate for the corporate parties who have bankrupted this country. I won’t take orders from organizations who have betrayed and failed those who trusted them with our most precious gift…our Freedom.

I can’t imagine why you would want to do that too. Is change in Washington important for you?  Then it is time to change the way you look at elections.

Real change, not just some campaign drivel.  Someone who would be willing to risk all to restore our country.  Then don’t believe in two almighty political parties. Don’t believe in colors. Believe in people.

Vote for what is real. Join Us.


welcome everyone


Welcome to our campaign website. We have added the “About” and “FAQ” sections with information regarding the campaign, the candidate, and the organization. Please click on “About” or “FAQ” in the menu to read more. All photography on this site originates in Delaware. No “stock” footage is used anywhere. Sometimes we forget just how beautiful our State really is. As the campaign progresses I hope to fill the site with pictures of Delawareans who are committed to the dawn of a new America where decency, honesty, freedom and community replace avarice and isolation. Join us.



Messrs. Carper, Coons and Carney are inviting you to a job fair which they did not organize, nor did they fund. They have delivered this bit of propaganda intending to have you believe that this was their collected effort to deliver on that all-important political hot-potato — “it’s the jobs stupid!” at your expense. Apparently, none of them have a clue how Washington can possibly enhance job creation or at least not slide the economy into another financial disaster-led recession. Their principle capability is offering legislation they know nothing about – or – producing legislation fully supported by their primary donors, Wall St.

The evidence of this is the so-called J.O.B.S. Bill, H.R.3606 (Jumpstart Our Business Startups) passed by over-whelming decree in March; much to the delight and applause of their Wall Street donors; sets the stage for a new (old-timey) financial bubble. Not since the roaring 20′s have equity (stock) shares been easier to issue without much of any kind of regulator oversight. It has absolutely nothing to do with job creation. As an example, one of the largest enterprises on the face of the Earth is Facebook, a privately held company who hopes to muster up the courage to have an initial public offering this Summer. They did not need any type of financial deregulation to develop their company into a nice little venture. So it begs the question how a legitimate start-up company will be aided by selling up to $50 million in stock to the public, all the while not required to produce documentation what-so-ever in support this valuation claim. Just shut your eyes and believe what your investment banker tells you about the company. What could go wrong? Things didn’t turn out very well in October of 1929 either.

This bill has been opposed by some securities regulators and consumer and investor advocates, including the AARP, the Consumer Federation of America, the Council of Institutional Investors, and others. Among the complaints were that the loosening of investment protections would expose small and inexperienced investors to fraud. The Consumer Federation of America characterized an earlier version of the legislation as “the dangerous and discredited notion that the way to create jobs is to weaken regulatory protections”. Criminologist William K. Black had said the bill would lead to a “regulatory race to the bottom” and said it was lobbied by Wall Street to weaken the Sarbanes–Oxley Act (which Congress and the Executive Branch are loath to enforce). It is also opposed by labor unions, including the AFL-CIO, the AFSCME, and the National Education Association.

Criticisms were levied against the House version of the bill as “gutting regulations designed to safeguard investors”, legalizing boiler room operations, “reliev[ing] businesses that are preparing to go public from some of the most important auditing regulations that Congress passed after the Enron debacle”, and “a terrible package of bills that would undo essential investor protections, reduce market transparency and distort the efficient allocation of capital”.

So, to summarize: the way to create jobs is to tag along with a local program by making it appear to be your own, and pass legislation that further deregulates investment banking and inviting investment scams to bilk small investors of more of their retirement savings. Good work guys! ………..clueless




1000 hoodies for Trayvon

The only time I have seen Rodney Square with more people in it was during a July 4 fireworks celebration. Tonight, the Wilmington community came out to honor the memory of Trayvon Martin and the lack of justice in his murder case. Lately, Wilmington has been receiving attention for the number of violent attacks and shootings in its neighborhoods. What is often under-reported are the efforts of community activists to help quell this violence and find solutions for the rampant unemployment and poverty that are taking over our cities. Living costs are rising for us all; and as big of a challenge that is to all Americans, the poor are particularly hard hit and find it nearly impossible to find employment as higher educated and experienced workers are settling for lower paying and lower ranking jobs all the way down the pay scale.

It was interesting, that in this election year, the only political leaders in evidence were city council members. No state-wide officials were in attendance; even though the cries for justice were focused on a national issue. As usual, Wilmington City is on its own.

No one is looking for a hand out or a free ride. Just an opportunity to contribute, to work, to hold one’s head high. Tonight a peaceful and spirited community came together to request two simple and highly American things – Justice and Peace.

I care, I won’t forget.


there be no snakes here

It was a beautiful day at the St. Patrick’s parade in Dover today. I shook a lot of hands and let as many people know that I was an independent candidate opposing Tom Carper this Fall. This young fella rode the entire parade route on an antique 3 wheeler. He was a little tired at the end and I congratulated him on this feat. His Grandfather was there to steady his resolve. They graciously allowed me to memorialize the event here.


friends in Dover


Marcia and I met some good friends in Dover last weekend to do some photography for this website. Peggy and Michael from Montgomery/Ford Photography have been local Delaware small business people for decades. Their talent as portrait photographers is legend.

 A whole lot of pictures were taken and the weather was a little chilly, but for early March we couldn’t complain. It seems now that Winter is ending, we will be traveling the state to visit as many people and groups as we can schedule. The reception we have had and the acceptance of our message has been heart-warming. People are ready for a new no-nonsense approach to government representation. We hope you will join us on this journey.