a different politic


You haven’t seen anything like this before. That’s the point. Things can’t remain the same. The people of the United States are fed up with their politicians. The government has betrayed our trust.

We need a healthy dose of reality. The people who have desired our vote have proven that they are only in office to get rich, stay in office, so they can get richer. Take money from huge corporations, lobbyists and international conglomerates so they can become richer still…no more.

I won’t pay $10,000 to become a candidate for the corporate parties who have bankrupted this country. I won’t take orders from organizations who have betrayed and failed those who trusted them with our most precious gift…our right of self-determination.

Is change in Washington important to you?  Then it is time to change the way you look at elections.

Real change, not just some campaign sound bite.  Someone who would be willing to risk all to restore our country.  Then don’t believe in two almighty political parties. Believe in people.

Vote for what is real. Join Us.